HomedoctorThe rate of epilepsy in older patients is twice as high as people under age 65.

The rate of epilepsy in older patients is twice as high as people under age 65, many common common conditions such as stroke, heart attack and Alzheimer’s disease. Treatment in this population the presence of multiple the presence of multiple health conditions and medications A recent national survey found that more than 90 % of people aged 65 or over. Living in hospitals or facilities – at least one medication per week are used, and more than 40 % used five or more different medications every week.

Records were checked and evaluated the seizure response, reason for discontinuing treatment, side effects, dosage, plasma treated level and type of seizure. Dosage of 250 mg / day to 5000 mg / day with the mean value as 1830 mg / day was.Then the is as a rule simple outpatient treatment outpatient treatment, and generally well tolerated. The hypothesis which II trial design for this validated very hard about Crab treat population and preliminary results are very promising and supporting a pivotal trial, said Robert Maki, co-leader of the adults sarcoma Programme at Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer, and current President of CTOS , a multidisciplinary s sarcoma Specialty Group. That will cultural more forward advances step by step and earnings at a new option of patients with high unmet needs, said Murray Brennan, Chairman Emeritus Surgeons at Memorial Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center in, known to sarcoma wizard Directors and Lead Director with ZIOPHARM. Source ZIOPHARM Oncology..