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The review appeared in The Cochrane Library, published by the Cochrane Collaboration, an international organization medical research medical research. These reviews draw their conclusions about medical practice on evidence from several clinical studies on a given topic, after the reviewers consider both the content and quality of these studies.

The researchers found that Kegel exercise programs are more effective when steps are taken to ensure that patients exercise the right muscles and get support in sticking with the exercises. It seems strange that we consult personal trainers, fitness coaches and physiotherapists about strengthening other muscles in the body, but few women have an assessment and individualized program for their pelvic floor muscles, Hay – Smith said.You can this new research in American Journal of Obstetrics and Obstetrics see.

Episiotomy are very uncomfortable and often dangerous to the native. She at very much increased risk for developing infection, bleeding, with pelvic floor disorders. Them is suffered long-term pain and Pain during sexual intercourse. To do incontinence and bloating.