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Themes were randomized to receive low-dose aspirin group go to this link . , the 81 or 100 mg per day, or a non – aspirin group either without aspirin was well tolerated. Was by clinical visits in either two – or four-week intervals for a median performed 4.37 years, the ratings for the following main outcome measures: atherosclerotic events, fatal or nonfatal ischemic heart disease, fatal or nonfatal stroke, and peripheral arterial occlusive disease. – The researchers summarized the results: A total of 154 atherosclerotic events occurred: 68 in the aspirin group and 86 in the nonaspirin group. They continue: In the 1363 patients aged 65 years or older , the incidence of atherosclerotic events was significantly lower in the aspirin group in the in the nonaspirin group was . differences in events for the two groups was not significant in patients under 65 years .

He concludes: the issue of aspirin therapy for patients with diabetes is an example of 300 :2134-2141 presence of a long-lasting uncertainty scientific organizations or government agencies should provide the basis for answering this question by promoting pragmatic, large-scale clinical trials taking into account in all diabetic patients without cardiovascular disease as candidates for randomized clinical trials would be an important contribution to the credibility of the scientific method in the management practice. .

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Baylor University 1080 Montreal 80 percent and treatment of stroke patients reducing Disability, Hospital Bed-Days and cost, Lancet Neurology.