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Youngjoo Cha, Cornell doctoral candidate in sociology notes that with a man who works 50 hours or more per week can injured the careers of women. Less time less time available to paid work because they are still expected to do more housework and for most of the care that they provide, as reported Strengthening Separate Spheres: The Effect of Spousal revision to men and women employment in dual earner households in the April 2010 issue of the American Sociological Review, a peer-reviewed journal, published by the American Sociological Association.In 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Healthcare been found 10.5 million people age 12 age or older reported driving under the influence illegal drugs the past year. Which is about 4 %age of the population in this age group.

Kerlikowske said he wants about the dangers of not only of the dangers of driving under the influence of illicit drugs, but also still behind the steering wheel while taking strong prescription or over – the-counter medications.