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Because there is no good tool for it, by the people a high probability a high likelihood of relapse, detected found in the lymph nodes with cancer treated with chemotherapy. – New tools are needed to make this distinction and biomarkers are one way, Roth, who will present a large study on the subject told the European Cancer Conference in Barcelona.. This approach is not very precise, said the study’s lead investigator, Arnaud Roth, an oncologist and director of oncologic surgery at the University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland.

Since the decoding the human genome, scientists have increasingly looking genes or protein biomarkers consistently overexpressed in cancer tissue or seen under – expression, these markers these markers can help better determine prognosis and tailor treatment for individual patients.Capability ‘s MammaPrint 2008 Dutch institutions for Healthcare Improvement VTCs Guidelines contain.

Over Agendia offersAgendia is a global leader in the molecular cancer. Also markets four products for the break platform tumor gene expression profiling is based, and has several novel diagnostic tests in development. Agendia was the first undertaking to get FDA approval to breast cancer test, MammaPrint , which predicted risk of recurrence of breast cancer. In addition, of developing innovative pharmaceutical company to develop highly effective a custom drugs in the area oncology. Agendia is a in the Huntington Beach, California, and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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