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Nurses make a difference every day in the lives of the patients they serve. ANA is proud to see them recognized nurse leader and would like the nurses who showed support to their colleagues.


GAVI Alliance includes Pentahydric Vaccine lowering charges, Data Shows.

About the DiLA2 Delivery Platform connectingThe DiLA2 Service Delivery Platform being MDRNA proprietary platform for building of novel liposome delivery systems on di – alkylated amino acids based. To DiLA2 platform enables MDRNA to customized charge, linker length, and acyl chain properties, delivery of the liposomes target tissue of interest improve. In vivo studies effective Shipping in models of of metabolic disorders, cancer and other illnesses has been established. DiLA2 based liposomes have tolerated for repeated dose and systemic and local management. MDRNA also by using condensation peptide to peptide is -siRNA nano formed for further increasing the effectiveness the supply DiLA2 delivery systems. Also a platform for fixing of the peptides and different of targeting molecules for delivery to an multitude of tissues will be allow thus thus for various therapy view.