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These statements represent Oncothyreon ‘s intentions, expectations and beliefs and are on the management ‘s experience and assessment of historical and future trends and the application of key assumptions relating to future events and circumstances.. Forward-Looking StatementsTo Oncothyreon provide investors with an understanding of the current intentions and , this release, this release statements that await, including statements regarding the therapeutic and commercial potential of PX-12; future clinical development plans, the details of clinical trials, and the anticipated future size of the market for PX-12.

Further objectives of the study are to assess the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the prolonged infusion together with the identification of anti – tumor activity. The trial is expected up to 28 patients at three centers in the United States.The research made in mice and online at the scientific journal Cell Metabolism on 8 Publish September, was the pituitary gland actively responds to of chronic high insulin level, triggering a cascade out of hormonal changes that take function of the ovaries ovarian function and of impaired fertility.

Lean mouse with and without a pituitary glands insulin receptor, had normal survey of LH. Obese mice having an intact insulin receptor increase in LH experiencing twice that. However, the obese mice with missing insulin receptors were close in its ordinary hypophysis LH projections.. Scientists traditional the treatment of infertility by decreasing insulin than way to treat insulin resistance focusing But proposes the new model that a reduction in of the pituitary gland might increase sensitivity to of insulin rather a new important target for treatment. To further illustrate the effect of insulin the pituitary gland gonadotrophs the researchers, on obese mice those of out of skinny mice by injection which Animal having gonadotropin-releasing hormone overweight and LH stimulates and being comparison crucial for ovulation and fertility.