HomestaffThis work builds on previous studies are administered by Tuszynski and others

This work builds on previous studies are administered by Tuszynski and others, demonstrating the therapeutic effects of nerve growth factor for patients with Alzheimer’s disease here . In 2001, conducted Tuszynski and his team at UC San Diego Medical Center , the first surgical implants of NGF genes in the brains of Alzheimer patients with follow-up results show that patients a possible slowing of cognitive decline and increased metabolic function in the brain. NGF studies continue today, with Phase 2, multi – center studies in progress.

The protective and restorative effects of BDNF occurred independently of the formation of amyloid, a protein in the brain to form plaques in Alzheimer disease accumulate Many current experimental treatments for Alzheimer’s disease target amyloid production. So the potential role of BDNF as an alternative protective intervention is great potential interest, said Tuszynski. Because BDNF targets a different set of disease mechanisms than amyloid modulation, there is also potential for BDNF and amyloid-based treatments to combine theory, offers a two-pronged attack on the disease.

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