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Veterans’ health legislation President Obama signed Wednesday includes several provisions to supply female veterans, Time Reports improve. The bill, called the nurses and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act expanded mental health and counseling services for veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, including the members of the National Guard and Reserve (Wilson, Washington Post. get information read more

President Obama Signs Veterans’ Health Bill that the improvement of women’s services includesThe bill requires the Department of Veterans Affairs to train mental health professionals in caring for women in the military, who have survived sexual trauma. According to Time, experience a sexual trauma in five military women, of of post – traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems by almost 60 percent. – The measure also authorizes research on the wars ‘ effects on the physical, mental and reproductive health of women and calls for a comprehensive assessment of the unique barriers that worry women by veterans advocates, limited access to childcare facilities and to realize. That VA hospitals primarily service older men contribute that female veterans are less likely than males to maintain the facilities to look for. The bill includes the creation of pilot child – care program for under intensive with intensive medical care (’44’, Washington Post.

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