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TITLE: Oxidative stress mediates tau – induced neurodegeneration in Drosophila.AUTHOR CONTACT: Mel B. Feany Brigham and Women ‘s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts,###JCI table of contents: 14Similar results, in both older and younger patients, weight loss surgery found Elderly patients can undergo safe gastric bypass surgery and can probably similar advantages can be experienced from the operation as younger patients, according to an article in the February issue of the Archives of Surgery, a of the JAMA / Archives journals.

.. The researchers found at an average at an average follow-up time of 10 months, weight loss was greater in younger patients (mean age= 96, although the difference was not significant (older patients lost an average of 86 pounds, Both younger and older groups, a significant decrease in obesity-related diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes. Before surgery, older patients had an average of 4.6 such diseases, while younger patients had 3, compared with postoperative follow-up, with older and younger patients with 2, 4 of these related conditions. However,oups also had significant reductions in medication after surgery, with the older age group decreased from 4.85 to 2.7 drugs and the younger group decreasing 2.1 medications.Angioblasts intend a strategic partnership a strategic partnership with a major global health care company, to quickly to market its stem cells on treatment of ocular diseases caused by abnormal blood vessels, such as diabetic retinopathy and AMD.

Other issues such as incontinence will also increase, with the Americas, Asia and the developing regions of Africa, primarily by the conditions concerned more often than aging people. urges urination and urinary and bladder ailments are already widespread around the world and to increase that rates significantly as population ages, lead author Dr Debra D Irwin said by the Department of Epidemiology on the University of North Carolina, the outcomes raise a variety of globally important issues that need tackle such as urgent have, clinicians and public health experts, In If we are to prevent and manage that of Dr. Conditions .