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Was born in the Netherlands, 1 in every 2000 children with spina bifida. The disorder is often associated with hydrocephalus. The fluid in the head exerts considerable pressure on the brain, as a result of babies with spina bifida have a higher risk of brain damage.

Since 1993, the Health Council of the Netherlands, women who become pregnant to take folic acid supplements to want to discuss reducing the chance of a child with spina bifida. Groenen , research shows that folic acid is not the only nutrient that plays a role in the prevention of spina bifida. Further investigations have to show whether the intake of myo-inositol, zinc or vitamin B12 paid in fact./ San Francisco Chronicle reports (Taylor, AP / San Francisco Chronicle, The $ 2.9 trillion budgetary retracted resolution by House Budget Committee Chair John Spratt (DS. The sum Bush requested on discretionary expenses more than $ 24 billion euros and exceeds the amount of by the Senate FY 2008 budgets original resolution by on $ 7 billion. House budgets dissolution does not also a proposal from Bush for funding for Medicare reduced and Medicaid. The budget of resolution would allocate resources to implement recommendations one presidential Commission began to quality of care of damaged U.S.