HometreatmentsWHF and UICC are joining forces http://cicatab.com.

IDF, WHF and UICC are joining forces -, The International Diabetes Federation International Union Against Cancer and the World Heart Federation issued a joint statement that international community to international community to urgently the epidemic of non-communicable diseases (), responsible for 35 million deaths a year. The declaration calls for a substantial increase in funding for NCDs and greater availability of essential medicines, among other urgent responses to speed up in a manner to achieve the health – related Millennium Development Goals. http://cicatab.com http://cicatab.com

Cancer the second leading. More than 11 million new cases are diagnosed each year, and about 8 million people die from cancer – over 70 percent of them in low and middle income. On current trends, 15.5 million people with cancer will be diagnosed in 2030, and some 12 million people die from the disease. We have more knowledge than ever before, cancer under control cancer under control.

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Statement# 2 – Where to secured State and public health schedules visibility, they hundreds of millions hundreds of millions of dollars in reducing both capital expense medication. Legislative legislation is a major opportunity in order to help you bend the cam to the escalating cost of drugs and preventing the fallacious conduct PBM. .

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The research rise to the results Jean-Christophe Jean-Christophe Plan on Animal on the University of Rouen France and is on the 2nd August online edition of Nature Medicine. David Robertson and Jonathan Dickerson by Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Manchester , were also participated in the study.