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80 percent of the blood pressure good for stroke patientspeople who have suffered a stroke could use of a use of a patch, which reduces blood pressure.According to the researchers, this patch will be great for patients who are not, or find it hard to swallow.40 percent of stoke sufferers have problems swallowing.The research team from the University of Nottingham say they are going to interview studies worldwide. They use the Internet to gather information.

The hope is that this patch will have the same effect with blood vessels in the brain, this would improve blood flow.nitric , the size and damage of a stroke, when they are given immediately after the stroke.Studies with 127 stroke patients have shown to the brain.re.h lowers blood pressure.On the other hand, could the reduction of blood pressure in stroke patients can be harmful. It is possible that stroke patients hypertension need to ensure that the remains to the brain.– strict observance to infection prevention and control procedures , including the use of hand-washing measures, particularly in healthcare facilities.